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Huge thanks to Francesca who helped me tidy and clear our study which had become a major dumping ground for all our junk and paperwork.  It’s been on my to do list for a while but having made an appointment with Francesca, there was no avoiding it.  She wasn’t daunted by the chaos and calmly set out how we would approach it and we just got on with it!  The fact that she was with me meant I was a bit more brave about throwing things/donating stuff to charity, which was definitely helpful.  We achieved everything we wanted and it was great that Francesca took all the charity donations with her as no doubt if she hadn’t done, that would have been another job I didn’t get round to doing and the room would have ended up pretty much as full as we started!

Alison, Farnham

It got me so fired up! It makes such a huge difference to one's mood. It really lifted a weight that I didn't really know I had.

Annabel, Godalming

It was brilliant having Francesca come in to sort out the space in our living area, which had become a dumping ground for toys, books, crafting, boxes of projects, games, fancy dress etc - and this is all right next to our dining table, so not exactly a relaxing space for family means, let alone hosting guests! With her gentle encouragement, we were able to sort out anything that really didn't need to be there (and she gave suggestions for where they should go instead), as well as identifying toys my kids no longer use for charity. Usually I'm dreadful at making these sorts of decisions because I get so sentimental, but I definitely felt braver and more confident to sort those I really wanted to keep versus those that were really no longer necessary. About 3 weeks on and the space still looks tidy. This is - and I can't stress this enough - a miracle! I think it's because Francesca identified specificareas for specific things and so it's easy to keep looking neat. I highly recommend Francesca for anyone who has even the vaguest of hoarding tendencies!! Brilliant service, thank you!

Charlotte, Farnham

Francesca came to my house to help declutter under my stairs & corner kitchen cabinet. The goal was to be able to have a space I could build an office area and my children still be able to get to their craft sets. Working full time with 2 young kids and a puppy these tasks always take the very bottom of priority. The outcome was absolutely spectacular and Francesca made me feel so comfortable working her way through the family’s years of clutter! No judgment, fast, convenient & an amazing outcome the whole family can now enjoy! Thank you so much will definitely be having you around again.

Hayley, Farnham

Francesca has transformed both my main storage cupboard and kitchen drawers recently and I couldn't be happier with both! It's made such a difference knowing exactly where things are (she introduced pull out boxes in both cases) . They neatly hold the likes of wrapping paraphernalia (for my ebay business), spare bulbs, hoover attachments, etc etc separately which makes it all look neater and easier to access. I strongly recommend having this service, Francesca has a natural knack for creating a 'Tidy Space', I'm one very happy customer!'

Cheryl, Guildford

Francesca was brilliant. In three hours we sorted out so much stuff - not just decluttering but just general organising and sorting things. She also has a really good eye for where things should go and what will look best. She is very enthusiastic, cheerful and hard working and didnt stop all afternoon. The most productive afternoon I have had this year and has made such a difference. Nothing I couldn't have done myself but much easier doing it with someone else - and meant I couldn't give up half way when it was all a bit overwhelming at the worst stage. I can't recommend her enough.

Belinda, Guildford